Our Deaf Community | Celebrating Gallaudet with background of College Hall, Chapel Hall, and Towerclock. It is a combination of a black-and-white photograph with two students walking on the road on the left and a present-day picture in color with two students walking down the road on the right.


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Deaf-owned video relay service

The Convo app on all products (iOS, iPad, MacOS, Windows, and Android). Deaf Ecosystem Directory on an iPhone, DialPad on iPad, Video interpreter on Mac laptop, DialPad on Android tablet, and Deaf Ecosystem Directory on Android Samsung phone.

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the Evolution of Interpreting


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Deaf Future Works, Owner

Convo’s interpreters are highly skilled in capturing the right terminology in my field.

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de’angelo brown

Def Familia Entertainment, CEO

I find myself using Convo more these days. They have the most beautiful design, hands down!

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Disability Rights, Advocate

Convo is ingenious in everything they do! I especially love their VRS Español feature.


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