911/Legal Disclaimer

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has established rules for the provision of telecommunications relay services. The following advisories provide critical information about FCC rules and the use of Convo VRS.

Ten-Digit Telephone Numbers

Beginning on November 12, 2009, persons who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf blind or have a speech disability must obtain ten-digit telephone numbers to use Video Relay Service (VRS) [except in the case of a 911 emergency call]. Receiving a 10-digit telephone number(s) from Convo Communications LLC, ("Convo") automatically designates Convo as your default provider of relay services. This means that Convo will handle all relay calls to and from your ten-digit telephone number, including 911 emergency calls. You can read information published by the Federal Communications Commission on the ten-digit telephone numbering system for relay service users here.

You may register with Convo and obtain a new ten-digit telephone number online or by contacting Convo Support at: support@convorelay.com. The ten-digit telephone number is only available to deaf, hard of hearing, deaf blind and speech disabled people who live in the U.S. or its territories and use VRS for phone calls. You must provide Convo your Registered Location, which is the physical location (such as a home or work address) from where you will make and receive VRS calls. Your Registered Location will enable the automatic routing of your 911 emergency calls to the appropriate emergency responder. Registration will allow for automatic retrieval of your name, Registered Location information, and other personal information, which will speed up the 911 emergency response. You will be able to provide us with your Registered Location through your online account at convorelay.com. You are responsible for changing that registered location any time you are at a new address. You may change your registered location through your online account or by video calling Convo Support at (510) 629-5622. You should regularly confirm your current or new Registered Location through your online account.

You may change your default provider at any time, but still keep the same ten-digit telephone number. Porting the ten-digit telephone number means that the default provider for that telephone number will change and the new VRS provider will be responsible for VRS calls to and from that telephone number, including emergency calls. If you are considering porting a number to Convo, please contact Convo Support at (510) 629-5622 or support@convorelay.com, and we will assist you.

Emergency Calls (911)

To make an emergency call, dial "911" on your Convo videophone (Convo Mobile, Convo Desktop and Convo Anywhere). It is very important that you keep your registered location (address) in the profile of your videophone up to date to assist with a prompt response.

When you dial "911" on a Convo videophone, the following is what you can expect:

  • Your call will be put on the highest priority and goes to the first available video interpreter (VI);
  • The VI will see your registered location for your call to be automatically and directly connected to the nearest public service access point (PSAP, the name for emergency call centers);
  • The VI and/or the PSAP will verify your address. If you are at a different location, the VI and/or PSAP will assist with promptly connecting you to the nearest PSAP of your actual location; and
  • If the call between you and the VI or between the VI and the PSAP gets disconnected, then a call back from the PSAP or VI will become the highest priority.

Please be aware that the limitations of VRS-based 911 video calls may cause a delay in connecting with the nearest PSAP. For this reason, a landline telephone or a TTY remains the safest and most reliable means of accessing emergency response.

Limitations and risks accompany use of relay services provided by Convo to make a 911 emergency call. The following is not an exhaustive list of these limitations and risks:

  • 911 emergency calling capability is available only for calls originating in the U.S. or one of its territories;
  • Failure to automatically retrieve your Registered Location information or failure to route your call to the appropriate emergency responder. Furthermore, in instances where you are unable to clearly give your address or unwilling to give your address, Convo may be unable to connect you to the appropriate emergency personnel;
  • Retrieval of outdated Registered Location information. This includes non-retrieval of information that has not had sufficient time to show in the database;
  • Failure or outage to your equipment, software or home utility; and
  • Inability to connect or remain connected to relay services provided by Convo.

Even though Convo is your default provider, you may make emergency calls using any other TRS provider. However, Convo will have no control over how other TRS providers may handle your emergency calls and cannot assure that your experience will comply with FCC regulations on 911/emergency calling rules or that your emergency call will route to the appropriate emergency responder.

These limitations apply even if the damages are foreseeable or said to be possible, and apply to any negligence claim that does not involve willful misconduct or intentional misconduct no matter how that claim is styled or upon what legal grounds it is based.

If you use Convo for your 911 emergency calls, be aware that Convo disclaims liability for any claim, damage or loss arising from your use of Convo relay services or products. Convo disclaims liability arising from any failure on your part to provide an accurate and up-to-date Registered Location, or arising from any failure on your part to update your Registered Location in a timely manner.
Convo disclaims liability for any personal injury, property damage, or death arising out of or related to use of its relay services to make a 911 emergency call, or the provision of any service incidental to or in association with such a 911 emergency call, including but not limited to an act or omission involving (1) the development, design, installation, operation, maintenance, performance, or provision of equipment or facility that enables you to use relay services provided by Convo, or any services provided in conjunction with a 911 emergency call or any other services provided to assist you with your emergency; (2) misinterpretation, mistakes, interruptions, delays, transmission errors, network outages, failures, defects, technical difficulties, natural occurrences also known as acts of god, or other occurrences regardless of source, that may arise in the course of transmitting or handling 911 emergency calls or providing emergency services; and (3) release to a PSAP, designated statewide default answering point, appropriate local emergency authority, emergency medical service provider or emergency dispatch provider, public safety, fire service or law enforcement official, or hospital emergency or trauma care facility of user information related to 911 emergency calls or the provision of emergency services.

To the extent permissible under law, Convo claims the same immunity from liability accorded any local exchange company under Federal and applicable State law, whether through statute, judicial decision, tariffs filed by such local exchange company, or otherwise.

User Registration Database

The FCC requires that all registered VRS users be in their User Registration Database. In order to verify registered users, the FCC requires that users provide the last four digits of their social security number (SSN) and date of birth (DOB) upon registration. Registered users' SSN and DOB go through an automatic verification process and remain private.The FCC also requires that registered users have their name and registered addressed verified. If there are any issues with automatic verification of your SSN and DOB, our Customer Support team may work with you to manually verify your information. Additionally, if you do not have a social security number, the FCC provides for an alternative process to verify registered users, please click here to learn more. Please click here to learn more about the FCC's requirements.

Toll Free Numbers

Under FCC rules, VRS providers cannot provide toll-free telephone numbers (numbers starting with 800, 855, 866, 877 and 888) to its customers or arrange for toll-free service. If you would like to have a toll-free number, you can contact a toll-free service provider, listed here, to subscribe to a toll-free number for a fee.

You can link your toll-free number with a local ten-digit number provided by Convo so that callers can contact you on your videophone using your toll-free number. You will need to provide your Convo ten-digit number to the toll-free service provider to link both your ten-digit number to your toll-free number. You should also contact Convo Support to make sure that your ten-digit and toll-free numbers are linked.

The FCC provides more information about toll-free numbers here.

Convo disclaims any and all implied warranties, including without limitation warranties of merchantability and fitness for particular purpose. Convo disclaims any and all warranties of quiet enjoyment, performance, and non-infringement. Convo disclaims any warranty that states its relay services to be uninterruptible or error-free. Convo shall not be liable for any consequential or incidental damages. Convo does not authorize anyone, including employees, independent contractors, agents or representatives, to make a warranty of any kind on the behalf of Convo. In association to your use of relay services or products provided by Convo, in no event shall Convo, or its shareholders, officers, or directors, be liable for punitive, reliance, or special damages, or for indirect or consequential damages, including but not limited to lost profits or revenue or increased costs of operation.

Convo reserves the right to update this advisory without notice and to remain in compliance with evolving legislation and regulations. Your continued usage of services or products provided by Convo implies agreement with this advisory in its entirety.